The Sultan of Swat, The King of Clout, The Great (Childish) Gambino

Photo Credit: Jordan Lerner

Oh you saw Childish Gambino’s show at Metropolis? Nah, not like I did.  Well maybe you were there and maybe you were closer to the stage and maybe you kept up with him spitting hot fire on “You See Me.”  That’s cool I guess.  But what happened to my friends and I after the show was cooooooooooool.

To build a bit of suspense about what happened, I’ll give some back-story and highlights of the concert itself.  For those of you who don’t know, Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover) is a multi-talented artist who has been blowing up with especial tenacity over the past couple years.  The guy does it all.  He wrote for 30-Rock, does his own standup and sketch comedy, stars on Community, raps, sings, and produces.  His hard work and success in so many fields is simply awesome.

Beyond that, he backs up the hype surrounding him by putting on an exciting, tight, and rocking show.  The concert was postponed from its original date in March because Donald broke his foot, so he came extra hard to make up for the delay.  As a musician, a huge highlight for me was that he plays with a live band.  The MC/DJ combo can only go so far in live performance, but the energy of a band turned this hip-hop show into a rock concert in its own right.  To increasing the most excellent excellence, the sound was perfectly balanced, the light show was killer, and the sold out crowd was hyped.  A standout moment was “Freaks and Geeks,” probably his best know track.  The lyrics zoomed at the audience both from Gambino’s mic and from the giant LED screen over the stage.  The sweaty frat dude next to me could not have been more excited and screamed the entire song while jumping up and down like a little girl. Awesome.

But you were at the show. So you know it was cool.  You know he didn’t disappoint and gave the audience multiple encores in response to us all chanting “GAM-BI-NO!”  Now let me tell you what you missed after.  When walking to the venue, I had spotted the tour buses out back.  After the concert ended, this is where my friends and I headed.  Not surprisingly, we were joined by a large group of other fans, all hoping to meet the man who had just rocked the stage.  We waited. Thirty minutes pass.  People leave.  Finally Childish Gambino walks out to his bus, opens the door, and gets in.  Over half the fans spat, “We waited for that?” and left.  We waited.  Thirty more minutes pass.  The bus door opens back up and a sleepy looking Donald Glover comes over to the ten or so of us who decided to stick it out.

“Hey guys.”  He signs all of our tickets.  My friend does the Troy and Abed handshake with him.  Victory.  “All right I have to head to the spot,” Childish tells a very happy group of Campers, “I’m DJ-ing at this Macaroni Bar place.”  You can probably guess where my friends and I headed.  On a Friday or Saturday night this venue is packed and Ferrari’s and Lambo’s line St. Laurent in from of the club.  However, on the Wednesday in question, there was no cover and it was all but empty.  Inside were a couple guidos, me and my friends, and, finishing up their dinner, Childish Gambino and his band.  We met Childish.  He seemed exhausted but appreciative of our praise, especially some very heartfelt and sincere remarks from one friend who is a contender for the Ultimate Donald Glover Fanboy.  After that we spent the rest of the night kicking it on the outdoor patio chatting with the band and their friends.  I had to laugh.  Right across the street, all of the hipsters and scene kids were listening to another Wednesday night of dubstep at Le Belmont while we were chilling with Childish and Co.  You may have seen the concert, but can you honestly say it lead to one of the most VIP experiences of your life? I can.

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    1. It was a great show! Macaroni Bar is a high-end Resto/Club on the corner of St. Laurent and Mont Royal across from Le Belmont. It’s not somewhere I would normally go but I had an awesome experience there that night!

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